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A common way of ingesting cannabis is in its dried flower form in one of two ways.

Smoking is one of the most widely known and simplest methods of taking this medicine into your body, as well as having the quickest onset of effect. Smoking can be achieved by using a pipe or rolled cigarette. Often, even just one or two puffs are enough to provide the natural relief and effects of medical marijuana.

Vaporizing makes the active ingredients in cannabis available by heating the plant material to a certain temperature, which creates a fine inhalable mist, much like using an inhaler or nebulizer. It is a good choice for people who don’t want to inhale smoke into their lungs. The onset of effects is very rapid with vaporizing but it feels different to the body than smoking. There is no smoke and little odor. Vaporizing requires the use of a vaporizing device and cannabis oil.

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Gogi Kush
lemon Skunk
Huckleberry Diesel
Mandarin Dragon

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